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Elevating Care Quality and Accountability with My Projectz

My Projectz Daily Log Auditing Service is specifically designed to monitor and review the performance of carers within healthcare provider organisations. This service focuses on verifying carers’ adherence to their scheduled times, accurately entering logs, and completing tasks as per their task sheets. By adding remarks to their log sheets against each task, we provide a detailed review of each carer’s work against their timesheet and task sheet.

Service Highlights

Time & Task Compliance

Ensuring carers arrive on time and fulfil their duties as scheduled.

Accuracy in Log Entries

Review log entries for correctness, detailing the care provided during each shift.

Performance Remarks

Adding remarks to log sheets to highlight areas of excellence or need for improvement.

Enhanced Accountability

Creating a transparent environment that fosters responsibility and high standards of care.


Why My Projectz?

Focus on Quality

Our audits help improve the quality of care by ensuring tasks are completed as expected.

Operational Improvement

Identifying discrepancies and areas for improvement to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Customised Auditing

Tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of your healthcare provider organisation.

Transform Your Care Delivery

With My Projectz Daily Log Auditing Service, elevate your organisation's care quality and ensure your carers perform at their best. Our detailed reviews and performance remarks make maintaining high standards of care and accountability easier.

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