Offshore Virtual Assistance

Empowering Excellence in Healthcare with My Projectz

My Projectz offers a suite of Offshore Virtual Assistance services tailored for healthcare provider organisations, designed to streamline operations and enhance patient care through specialised support functions.

Our Services

Attendant/Receptionist Services

24/7 dedicated professionals manage front desk operations, ensuring seamless communication and efficient call handling.

Care Coordination

Our Care Coordinators facilitate 24/7 communication between patients and healthcare staff, maintaining comprehensive records for each shift to ensure continuity of care.

Daily Log Auditing

Focused on carer performance review, this service verifies adherence to schedules and accuracy in task completion, enhancing accountability and quality of care.

Billing and Accounting Support

Streamlining patient billing, financial reporting, and compliance, our experts ensure your financial operations are efficient and accurate.

Medical Transcription

Convert audio recordings into precise written documents, ensuring compliance and accessibility of medical information.

Data Entry and Management

Accurate and secure data entry services optimise information accuracy, supporting your commitment to excellent patient care.

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